Polaroid Prints

  Upload a photo and receive a free Polaroid Print of your photo mailed to you via USPS worldwide
  All U.S. Polaroid Prints ship USPS Priority Mail Express and will arrive within 1-3 days.
  Worldwide Polaroid Prints ship USPS Global Express Guaranteed and will arrive within 1-3 days.

     After upload, click the "Free Polaroid Prints" link and fillout the Address form.
     We print your photo in a Polaroid and mail it to you. Polaroid Prints may be mailed in an envelop.
     Polaroid prints come in natural style or fujifilm or The Impossible Project color film frames.
     Prints will be a Polaroid style and will come in the film we have in stock from Polaroid, Fuji film, or The Impossible Project® ...


        ::Note: Only one(1) polaroid per upload. US mail delivery worldwide::
  ::Two prints per month per address::
  ::Prints are not available of users of our dating app without written permission::

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