A Pic in a Polaroid.



Docx.us allows you to create high-res Polaroid pictures for personal use and photo ads to buy and sell stuff online.

  Enter a photo URL, or Upload from your computer, or Use a Bing photo or Search Photo Ads Gallery
  http://www.example.com/photo.jpg, or .png, An original size and high-def Polaroid will be created on upload.


    characters remaining for High-def Polaroid
    characters remaining for original Polaroid

    Font colour:
    Font style:
Font size:    
     We recommend font Arial for best results (font sizes must be a number between 3 and 14)

     Enter a number to brighten your photo (0 to 255 [50 to 100 for brighter results, 0 for no effect]):       
    Polaroid borders:

Complete this form to post a photo ad with a Polaroid effect to sell stuff online
  This form is for users who want to post a Photo Ad or create a free Polaroid photo. How Photo Ads work
   *=Required , **=Optional (Required only for posting a Photo Ad.) Photo Ad example
  All sellers will be paid thru Paypal. Sellers must have a valid email.
   Email is how you receive and delete your Polaroids as photo links (emails are kept private and must be real)
   Only fill in Photo/Item, Seller, City/Town, State/Region, Country, Photo tag, Price fields if posting a Photo Ad.
   Photo/Item name:**  
  Seller name is your company name if a company or your first/last name.
   Seller name:**  
   Photo tag:**
   Prices must include $, £, €, ¥ symbol, the price and a decimal two places (.00) else leave at $0.00
   Max amount is $100,000,000.00
   Selling price:**  

   x   Photos should be wider and higher than 500pixels, be in .jpg or .png format, and be 2MBytes or less

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Instantly recognizable. Instantly reassuring. The authentic high quality Polaroid Classic Borders that we use lets
you know you're using a product that exemplifies the best qualities of the Polaroid brand and that contributes to
the rich heritage of quality and innovation.

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