allows you to make high-res polaroid photos.

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     Choose a frame based on the height and width of your photo, a Font colour based on the colour...
     ...of the polaroid frame and a small Font size (such as (7 or 8 (smaller font sizes allow more text))) for best results.

    The frames we use are authentic high-quality scans of new, used, and vintage picture frames. Examples

    Colourful Frames:

    American Woods Frames:

    Poisoned Paradise Frames:

    8x10 and Silver Shade Frames:

    Skins Frames:

    Special Edition Frames:
     ® Custom Frames:

    Motivational Frames:


   x   Photo height and width must exceed 357px (x) 330px, be in .jpg or .png format, and be 2MBytes or less.

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